‘Women of Babalon’ OUT NOW!

Here’s a very interesting new book available on Babalon with some of the best art I’ve seen with regards to the often overlooked Red Goddess.

Killing Stasis Through Transformation–Exposing Ourselves to the Things That Oppose Us

Our universe is an objective universe that occupies time and space. Dr. Stephen Flowers, an expert on the occult, defines the objective universe as, “the natural cosmos or world order[…]ruled by certain predictable laws manifested in the time/space continuum.” (Flowers ch. 1) Infinite subjective universes exist within the objective universe. Dr. Flowers defines subjective universes…

Required Listening III — Chopin (Complete Nocturnes)

Look no further for one of the finest examples of musical composition ever to manifest itself. I really enjoy using this music for getting the right atmosphere when I do work. Performed by Brigitte Engerer. There’s no need to thank me. You’re welcome.

Required Listening II — Therion — Vovin (1998 CE)

While I slave away at my latest essay for the week, I would like to post an inspiring album that definitely motivates me to do work. This album features a fusion of middle eastern sounding atmospheres with thoughtful antinomian lyrics. Therion’s “Vovin” is a good example of what postmodern critic Fredric Jameson would describe as…

Lilith in Watercolor

I’m very pleased to share a watercolor portrait I’ve been working on this weekend of Lilith. I regard Lilith as an important entity who’s own self-transformation is very much an integral aspect found in the Left Hand Path tradition.