Sister Darkness, Brother Blackness 

I had weird dreams and a donkey sighting this morning already. There was pancake smoke from the Kharga of western Massachusetts, and way too much sun for one day. Let’s recreate an old classic with my old chum Crowley, because why not. Here’s pointing at you kid!!   

I Dreamt Music

An incredible soundtrack by Vangelis that brings me to tears every time. It’s intensely beautiful. Certainly not to be missed.

Best. Syllabus. Ever.

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:
In a recent residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts (great place, check it out!), our workshop leader had us do a daily exercise from cartoonist Lynda Barry: Divide the paper into four sections, label them Did, Saw, Heard and leave one open for a picture. In each…

Charlotte Lips and the Smell of Mutation

Life is best when it’s ever-changing. Mutation smells wonderful. It makes me misty all over with the eyes of transformation. Charlotte lips. Bring out the self I never knew. She, the living energy that gives me a sense of “selfness” lies slightly below the heart. A cloud of darkness–she dictates my everything. He is Leviathan….

Eating, Breathing, Living Your Art — TED talk with Dianna David

So what do you really want to do with your life? Write erotic Lovecraftian fan fiction? Paint cats in astronaut suits playing poker? Dance like a maniac? Play Satanic heavy metal? The first question you need to ask yourself is: How do you pursue happiness? It’s simple really. Do the things you love. By doing…