Tarot Readings

“You are only at the mercy of the extent of your own knowledge and your resolve to get out there and do what it takes to get what you want.”

Thank you in your interest in receiving a tarot reading! Below is a little about what I do and a few guidelines to take note of before submitting a request.

About Me



My name is Nikoletta Winters. I am a lifelong Left Hand Path practitioner, Black Magician, and certified tarot advisor. I use the Tarot to formulate an Optimal Existential Trajectory (OEM) for my clients. I accomplish this through the strategic use of common sense, Neurolinguistic Programming, and an integrated application of subliminal Left Hand Path spiritual technologies.

What is the Tarot?

The Tarot is a psychospiritual tool embodied within a deck of seventy-eight cards. Each card features images comprised of symbols and signs recognized by the subconscious mind. The Tarot taps into the subconscious through archetypes and tropes that resonate with the shared subjective experience of human existence.


Delivery Method:

All payments are due before we begin your reading. Readings are delivered within 48 hours of receipt. Please designate your availability to me for real-time readings.

Real-time readings are performed via Skype & Discord. Please provide me your Skype/Discord handle when choosing this option.

One-way video readings are delivered via a private YouTube link. Please provide me your email address when choosing this option.

I am also able to provide detailed and deeply personal written readings at your request. Please provide me your email address when choosing this option.








Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to me. In no way will I divulge any information exchanged during the course of what we create together. This includes any and all exchanges made via Skype, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, or Email.

Who I will read for:

Open-minded people of all shapes, sizes, persuasions. I am absolutely willing and able to read for people of all ethnicities, political leanings, spiritual beliefs, sexual preferences, gender identity etc.

Who I work best with:

People who both believe and understand the concept of free-will. You alone are in control of your own, emotions, outlook, and destiny.

Are you the type of person who asks, “How can I…?” If so, we will work well together. My tarot readings are meant to empower you! We are all capable of tapping into our higher selves.

Who I will NOT read for:

Minors. You MUST be 18 years of age to request a tarot reading.

I absolutely will NOT give medical advice, mental health advice, legal advice, or financial advice.

I will not answer time frame questions.

I will not answer questions about third parties who have no direct interpersonal connection to you. My tarot readings are meant to be focused on you!

I reserve the right to refuse any reading at any time, for any reason.


Tarot readings require an enormous expenditure of energy to perform. Be aware that once your send me your request for a reading that ALL SALES ARE FINAL.